Diagnostic Leak Locator

The OEM approved REDLINE DETECTION Diagnostic Leak Detector is the world’s best-selling diagnostic leak detector.
It is guaranteed to be the most profitable tool you will ever own. READY SMOKE Detector gives technicians full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate, and repair leaks in msealed systems. This compact, yet powerful machine not only finds more repair jobs, it helps you sell those repairs to your customers.

FIND ALL TYPES OF LEAKS: Vacuum leaks; EVAP (fuel vapor recovery); Exhaust leaks; Seals; Gaskets; Brake vacuum hoses; Cooling systems; Oil, wind and water leaks; Diaphragms; Central locking and much more. READY SMOKE does not use any UV dyes nor any contaminants that could coat sensors. Testing without UV dyes avoid the technician cleaning the entire tested pipe to eliminate all dye traces, because previous UV traces often disrupt the results of the next tests.
Using no dye is the biggest difference between REDLINE and the competition.
The READY SMOKE vapor is very white and dense. This original REDLINE DETECTION technology allows the technician to find minuscule faults in every type of vehicle, even heavy duty trucks. REDLINE DETECTION technology does not require nitrogen for EVAP tests compare to competitors. REDLINE uses a fiberglassheating element to create smoke that therefore does not run the danger of creating spark inside detector.

The kit #300308 includes OEM-Approved Smoke Agent, Halogen Inspection Light, Exhaust Cone Adaptor, EVAP Service Port Adaptor, Shrader Valve Removal Tool, Hex Key, Cap Plug Kit, Durable Storage Case and Instructions.
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