Internal Tyre Repair Solution

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The EZ SEAL tyre repair solution is exclusively available for punctures on the tyre thread. EZ SEAL products are produced by experienced manufacturers.

The EZ SEAL Patch and Stem repair should be performed in a garage. The repair procedure using an EZ SEAL Patch and Stem is performed from inside the tyre when the object causing the injury is unknown. The wheel and the tyre are removed. The wheel must be balanced after the repair.

The stem fills the hole of the puncture and the patch seals the internal side around the puncture. The patch is sealed with the EZ SEAL vulcanizing chemical product. This processing time is longer than the one preformed by string but it allows a full inspection of the tyre. The EZ SEAL patch range is available in several sizes in order to repair most types of damage.
The EZ SEAL chemical products are provided in a small bottle to avoid wasting the products and money.

The EZ SEAL range of repair products is a cost-effective way to provide reliability, performance and safety on the road.

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