Aviation Maintenance Tool Kits


The Duplicator from BV Corporation allows you to duplicate your working environment.
The Duplicator’s tool trays can either be incorporated into a workshop trolley or a strong maintenance case on castors.
The Duplicator makes it easy for technicians to carry out work either in their workshop or on the premises of their clients, with access to all of their standard tools. Technicians will retain the same level of performance, no matter the environment.
The tools selected for the Duplicator are housed in reinforced foam for added protection. The maintenance case itself is both fluid and shock-resistant, and features castor wheels and several handles, making it easy to transport. The maintenance case is padded with high density foam, ensuring the tool trays remain in place during transport. The tools selected are from reputable European and American manufacturers.
The Duplicator range features maintenance cases equipped with reinforced trays containing all of the tools required by technicians in Aircraft Industry.
Anyone buying a maintenance case fitted with the tools can also enjoy a price reduction on the BV Corporation AERO workshop trolley, which they can then use to store the tools from the maintenance case when back at their own workshop.
After intensive research, BV Corporation have decided to launch their own “made in France” workshop trolley, giving them full control over manufacturing quality and satisfying demanding professionals on the lookout for a practical, highquality and hardwearing workshop trolley. BV Corporation added the exclusive feature of a side tray, which can be reversed to become an additional drawer.
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Concept Duplicator

Tool trays can either be stored in a maintenance case or a workshop trolley,

The 6 key advantages

1 - “Full dimension” trays, with more room for tools

2 - According to FOD ( Foreign Object Damage) procedures, a two-colour foam lets the technician easily see which tools are missing

3 - Tray underside reinforced using a PVC board to protect the foam

4 - Hard-wearing, watertight maintenance kit on casters

5 - Hand-grip built into the foam used to hold the kit in place

6 - Internal foam ensures the trays are kept in place